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Some of Kyle Workman's Boyhood Memories

Welcome Home

The Old Jim Mullins Store
At the mouth of Bullwark

Kyle Workman,
Son of Wilburn Workman
Son of Floyd Workman
Son of Henry Workman and Brooke Anne Dempsey
Son of Moses Workman and Polly (Mullins) Workman

I remember the old Mullins store, it was wonderful. My Dad would buy me a Red Rock Cola there. It was great.

I wanted to write something about the head of Bullwark, when I was a kid. [It was] Probably late 40's or very early 50's. I can remember the old home made of squared wooden logs being caulked with mud. I can remember sitting on the front porch and wondering how in the world anyone could live up in this hollow. If only we could call back those days. I can remember looking at the furniture in the old homeplace and feeling the heat from the cook stove and from the grate in the fireplace. Those are wonderful memories.

I can remember picking blackberries and being in a hurry to get a bucket full because my Mom and Aunt Beck would make a berry cobbler on the old stove. You could smell it all over the hollow. I can remember going to the well and getting a bucket of water and taking a large drink from an oversized dipper before carrying the water back to the house. I also remember sleeping on the front porch at night and how dark it would be, counting stars and dreaming of what little boys are made of, and what the next day would bring. How wonderful.

Although Illness has slowed me down somewhat, I now find myself sitting here giggling like a little boy would. Thank you so much for helping me pull out those memories.

John Workman son of William M.Workman and Mary Jane (Thompson)Workman is my Grandfather by way of my Mother Pearlie Workman, daughter of John Workman and Mary (Lambert), daughter of Hiram and Arisba (Dalton) Lambert.

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