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Class of '55 Memories

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The last time I saw Richard was at a class reunion. He told me how he used to hitch hike from Dehue to Logan to go skating...... He said that there was hardly any traffic to Dehue after the skating rink closed at 10 P.M. and sometimes he had to walk all the way to Dehue alone, sometimes arriving home just before daylight; just in time to get ready for school and catch the school bus back to Logan.

I was so happy to learn that Richard accepted Jesus and that he knew that he was going HOME, when he crossed that "silvery sea."

The old Logan Armory where we used to skate on Tuesday nights, is to the right, at the end of the bridge.
Some lived too far away to go as often as the ones who lived closer to town, but they were a part of the memories just the same. Some moved away before high school, but they are still in our hearts and memories. I saw Ron for the first time at the skating rink and that is where we fell in love.

Picture through the courtesy of Martha Sparks and the Logan Banner

Pictured below is the old Triange Service Station where the boys who lived north and west of Logan used to hitch hike going home after skating. Richard lived in the opposite direction and would have hitch hiked up through Stollings to Rum Creek/Dehue.

Picture through the courtesy of Martha Sparks and the Logan Banner

Below is a list of names from the Class of '55 that I remember from the skating rink. If you have other names to add, or your own special memories of the skating rink, I will be happy to post them here.

Richard Trammell, Wimpy Meade, Luceal McVey, Gordon Belcher, Mark Sefton, Joan Esteppe, Frances Pierce, Lois Adams, Betty Lou Ferguson, Billie Sue Disco, David Cook, Mackey Cook, Darrell Maynard, Jack Hartzell, Billy George Cooksey, Michael McDonald, Richard McDonald, Vickie Blevins, Elsie Jane Smith, Bob Compton, Earl Meade, Joe Varacalli, Curtis Ashley, Cecil Kazee, Patty Boytek, John Glavaris, Ray Tomblin, Jim Trent, Jim Wright, (Help me out here... My memory is going!!)

The way Richard looked when most of us first met him
This picture from the Dolores (Riggs) Davis Collection

Just Hangin' Out

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