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Beans on the Beach 2002

Fred Howard Park
Tarpon Springs, Florida
On the incomparable Gulf Of Mexico
April 6, 2002
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Photos here are a result of the "photography" of Dodie (Smith) Browning, Frances (Pierce) Hampson, Tom Mathis and John Hampson. Who says the camera doesn't "lie"? No wonder those disposable cameras were on sale! We were all just as youthful looking and thin as we were in school. It was the camera's fault!!!! (grin)
We still don't have pictures of everyone that was there!

Work in progress

The King and Queen of Beans

Welcome Back, Bob!

Glad we finally got a picture of Janice!

From the expressions on Doug and Bob's faces, it seems they didn't like the looks of our "Road Kill"

Through thick and thin.....

Those attending were John and Frances Pierce Hampson; Harry and Doris Sunderland Harm; 
Bobby and Naomi Brooks; Chuck and Janice Chafin Clark; Tony and Mary Ann Lazar Turyn; 
Robert and Carol Conway McClellan; George and Helen Hanners Cockerill;
Joe and Frances Guisti Campoy; Bob Compton; Joe "Jr.", Jill, Andrew and Christopher Campoy; 
Doug and Barbara Bell; Julio "Kelly" Shaheen; Loretta Bays Martin; Randall Duncan;
Jim and Ruby Dulcie Sallazo; Patsy Sigman Deskins; Linda Sigman Wallace;
Dave and Pat Solchick Ippolito; Jim Barnette; Tom and Debbie Parks; Dara, Mendey and 
Cyrus Snodgrass; Tracy Parks Inus and Amanda; Tommy and Donna Richardson Mathis;
Dodie Browning and "P. Doodle". 

Cornbread and Beans in Tarpon Springs By Tommy Mathis
It has been said that "you canít go back" But for a while last Saturday, we did just that. Old and dear friends and former classmates Came together from several different states We gathered together at Tarpon Springs To share our memories and eat Cornbread and Beans! We greeted one another and reminisced, We laughed, we cried, we hugged and kissed. We remembered times and places out of the past And wondered how time has gone so fast When sunset came and the day was done We all agreed it had been great fun. Those who came to Tarpon Springs Got a whole lot more than just "Cornbread and Beans"!

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